Policy, Planning, and Governance

Land use planning can help communities to strategically get ahead of industrial development pressures, while business, economic, and organizational planning can help communities achieve their own preferred development outcomes.

What We Do

We work closely with our clients to identify their long-term goals — whether they be cultural, social, or economic — and to devise and implement the policies and processes needed to achieve these goals. This work can include land use planning, consultation protocols, climate change adaptation plans, organizational and governance development, staff training and workshops, strategic economic development plans, and feasibility studies in tourism, agriculture, and small businesses.


We have extensive experience working with communities across Canada to develop preferred cultural, social, and economic futures that support their priorities and balance economic development with cultural continuity. We also have a thorough understanding of the policy and regulatory systems, industrial pressures, and environmental contexts within which community decisions are made.

Capacity Building

We provide training and on-going support so that communities can develop their own cultural, economic, and governance vision, and develop the steps they need to achieve their desired futures.


Carolyn Whittaker
MSc Natural Resource Mgmt
Victoria Office
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We work closely with communities to understand decision processes and Indigenous approaches to management in order to develop new approaches to policies, protocols, and agreements that allow communities to assert self-determination.

Carolyn Whittaker
Firelight Policy team lead

Example Projects

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Framework (2015)

The Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Framework is a policy guide to establish standards and best practices for including Indigenous Traditional Knowledge into environmental decision-making in Northeast Alberta. Firelight supported the process and authorship of the Framework, alongside 14 Indigenous communities, industry and government representatives.

The Firelight Group

Research, policy, planning, negotiation, advisory, and capacity building services for Indigenous and local communities.


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