Sejal Lal

BA Geography
Junior Researcher: TUS, Indigenous Planning
Phone: (604) 563-2245
Location: Vancouver Office

Sejal is a Junior Researcher for the Traditional Knowledge and Use Studies and Indigenous Planning teams. She completed her co-op degree in Geography – Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. Her studies focused on natural resource management, Indigenous sovereignty, and the intersections of environment, race, gender and class struggles. She spent time learning about the Canadian context of these issues while working in Inuvialuit territories, and attending field school in Haida Gwaii. Sejal also has experience carrying out salmon habitat restoration and youth outreach, and is passionate about language, food, and arts revitalization.

In her free time, Sejal enjoys running around outdoors, eating tasty eats, and playing music with anyone she meets.

The Firelight Group

Research, policy, planning, negotiation, advisory, and capacity building services for Indigenous and local communities.


VICTORIA (250) 590-9017
VANCOUVER (604) 563-2245
EDMONTON (780) 760-1255